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About Us

The company was founded by June Mc Groary, who is the principal member and owner of the business, has been in the computer business since the 1980s. Her experienced has been with corporate to small-medium sized businesses.

She has a Masters in Education from NYU, and extensive Microsoft and networking certifications: MCT; MCSE; MCSA; A+; Network; Microsoft User Specialist.

June has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1998 and provides expertise and experience validated by Microsoft.

She started this business, because her students were frustrated in not getting the proper training needed to do their job. They kept telling her repeatedly that they wasted time and money to attend classes at a training facility. Instead of their learning about their company, they learned about a fictional company, XYZ Company. They also complained that to get the skills that they needed they had to attend several courses. She decided to develop this company, because she has experienced in training people and can develop custom training tailored to all individual needs.

Mission Statement
The company’s mission is to provide quality custom training to meet personal as well as business needs of our customers and exceed their expectations. In addition, the company wants to assist the customer to provide ongoing coaching to develop their job skills as well as their interpersonal skills.

Custom Training
We capture and enhance our clients’ goals and skills by offering quality remote online, one-on-one training, to our customers. Our knowledge and 20+ years experience boost our clients’ ability and skill level to succeed. 


Your company,
your data,
your way ...
makes sense to us.

Specializing in:
Intuit QuickBooks
& Microsoft Office's

"I was a Powerpoint-a-phobe before I was trained by June. She took me from avoiding the use of a great tool to being an expert in less than two hours. I needed to create a presentation of a unique process I have in order to show clients how I can help them. The presentation we created, while being trained, turned out great, has been well received and now I can enhance the presentation with my new found skill -- all thanks to June McGroary. Her skill as a teacher/trainer is unmatched."
Paul Haas