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The flexibility you have in working with people with different stages of background and training was excellent and reinforced my decision to use your company’s services.  I will be recommending your company to my co-workers. Thanks for your followup handouts. 
- Jimmie Corley

I was a Powerpoint-a-phobe before I was trained by June. She took me from avoiding the use of a great tool to being an expert in less than two hours. I needed to create a presentation of a unique process I have in order to show clients how I can help them. The presentation we created, while being trained, turned out great, has been well received and now I can enhance the presentation with my new found skill -- all thanks to June McGroary. Her skill as a teacher/trainer is unmatched.
- Paul Haas

June is extremely knowledgeable in her field and is more than willing to research new programs and improvise new ideas according to the community needs. She has been an instructor for our program for over a year now and she has been absolutely wonderful.

June is always ready to give a helping hand when we are in need... She is extremely energetic and very enthusiastic. She loves her students and she will offer them nothing less than quality in her class.

June has offered her expertise in so many ways. She has become one of our most valuable and respected instructors. The IT department here at the college also became to respect her knowledge….and her vibrant personality just shines when she enters the room. June’s professional and personal values make her such a special person. She is valued by both professional staff at the college as well as her students. The students realize during their first class with June, just how lucky they are for having her as their instructor. I am lucky as well to have her as my instructor here for our program.
- Debbie Kresge, Housatonic Community College

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"June was patient and helpful in designing a database for me to create labels in word. I enjoyed working with NetMeeting."
Peggy Goodrich