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Certified Microsoft "Guru" With 24 Years of
Training Experience Under Her Belt Says...

"Put Me to the Test!"


I"ll Solve Your Most Pressing Excel Problem
in 20 Minutes or Less and You can
Go Home Tonight...On Time!

        Dear frustrated Excel user,

Why are you still beating your head against the wall doing the trial  and error thing? Flipping through training manuals? Searching a squillion Web pages? All for a solution that's as invisible as a ghost in the night. 

I can make your problem the
twinkling of an eye. You can complete your
project today and go home tonight...on time.

One phone call is all it takes. I'll talk you through it... step-
by-step... in 20 minutes or less. I can do this in most cases.
Not all, because every situation is different.

I might help you discover the one step you missed. It's hard
to think clearly when you're frantic and feeling under the
gun. Or I might clue you in a process or even a single
keystroke you weren't aware of because not everything you
need to know is printed in those training manuals.

If your particular situation requires more time, we can
determine that pretty quickly. Then you can decide whether
you want me to help you solve this irritating puzzle and give
you quick relief or whether you prefer to hunt for the answer
on your own. The choice is always yours.

My free is $45 for each 20 minute-block of time or $95 for
each hour of training. Choose the one that makes more
sense to you.

Call me right now at 203 270-0726.

If I'm not working with another client we can get started
right away. most cases 20 minutes or less and your problem is gone!

If you get my voice mail, just leave your name and contact
info. I'll call you right back. I won't leave you hanging.

"Don't Let Your Computer Take

Advantage of you Ever Again!"

My "Insider Secrets Training Course" Can transform
Even a Computer Newbie Into a Savvy Keyboard Pro

 So what's got you in a tizzy lately?

 QuickBooks too complicated?

 Word won't let you get creative?

 Excel won't computer?

 PowerPoint presentations looking flat?

 Access not sharing with you?

 Outlook talking back to you?

Isn't life hectic enough without all these extra hassles?
C'mon...listen up. I've got a solution I think you'll be
tickled pink with.

Let's get together on the phone for an hour at a time and I'll share with you all the trade secrets I've learned about
Microsoft and Intuit products over the past 24 years. Just
tell me what you know and I'll take it from there.

It won't take long to get up to speed. I've been at this
training thing for so long I can do it in my sleep. 

Then you can be the expert. You'll chop your
time on the computer in half. Your productivity
will skyrocket. The boss will be so astonished,
he'll be forced to give a raise just so he
doesn't lose you to competition.

Best of all, it'll be fun! Seriously, did a Microsoft manual ever crack a joke and make you laugh? Or tell you from the heart you're doing a great job?

And those day long training seminars? BORING! I think a lot
of people go to them just to get a nap time nap time in. What a waste of money.

Give me an hour a day for a week or two and
I'll make you shine. If you're already pretty
good at this stuff, it'll take even less time.

And get this...

I can even connect with your computer! When I move my
mouse here in the East Coast, you'll see the cursor
moving on your computer screen, even if you're on the other
side of the country. I just love all this new tech stuff.

It'll be like I'm sitting right next to you coaching you every
step of the way. Can it get any easier than that?

How much? Just $95 for each hour of training. And I'll bet
you dollars to donuts I can teach you more trade secrets
than any seminar, book or DVD... and in half the time..

"Just Getting Started? Ask

About My Microsoft and Intuit

Basic Training Bootcamp"

Way too much info to put on this Web page. So here's the skinny...

Choose from QuickBooks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and I'll take you from novice to junior wizard in a
flash. Fixed Cost. Fixed time frame. Great deal.

Let me know which software product you want to master
and I'll send you data sheet with all the details.

        "Need a Quickie?"

 Not everybody needs my soup-to-nuts training. Maybe
you're pressed for time or just need to tweak this or that. So
let me give you a quickie - 30 minutes - boom-boom-boom.

When you fill out the form below just tell me what you need.
If I can do it half an hour, you get a quickie. Great deal at only $29.95

One more thing (and this is important)...

People are skeptical these days about almost everything, but especially the claims made on the Internet. I happen to be 
one of those skeptics. There are a lot of crackpots out there looking to make a fast buck.

I want you to have absolute peace of mine about your decision to have me work with you. If you're the least bit skeptical, I urge you to contact people who've given
 testimonials on this page. They're all real people and they'd
be happy to tell you more about me.

I will not accept a penny form you until we've had time to
talk on the phone. If you're local, I'll even come visit you if
my schedule permits. The first consultation is free. You can
ask me any question about my qualifications or policies that
you wish. I want you to be that comfortable with me.

Even after we've gotten all the formalities out of the way,if
you ever feel I haven't lived up to your expectations, I insist
you tell me. If I can't immediately resolve the issue, I will
refund 100% of your investment. No arguments. No hassles.
No fine print. We part as friends. Fair enough?

To get started, just fill out the form below. Every question is important, so try to give me as much detail as you can. Just
tell me your needs, wants and don't wants and I'll outline a
plan for you.

Next, I'll give you a call at the time you specify. I'll share my
plan with you and you can ask me a lot of questions. And remember, my first consultation with you is a freebie.

All the best,
June McGroary
MCT, MCSE, A+, Network+, Microsoft User Specialist

PS: I've given you four options. Choose any one of them to
get quick relief from your software headaches. Or tell me
your situation and I'll prescribe a potent and lasting remedy.


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Our reduced hourly rate of $75 an hour, min. 2 hours.

Plus an Extra 30 minutes of training on the topic of your choice!!

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Beginner Packages NOW $250, regularly $300!!!

Plus Free 3 Months Email/Phone Support!
Plus Handouts and Exercises Aids!

Your company,
your data,
your way ...
makes sense to us.

Specializing in:

Intuit QuickBooks
& Microsoft Office's


"June McGroary's ability to adjust her teaching method to your learning method can't be found elsewhere. I have spent years trying to catch up with the computer age. Only frustration occurred! A couple of sessions with June and I am not only comfortable, but excited about using the computer to streamline my business".
Corey J. Seigel, owner, Chef Support Services, CT, January 2007 

"I want to thank you for sticking with me on my spreadsheet problems. Your efforts paid off and I was grateful for the way it turned out. Computer problems are so frustrating and the satisfaction gained when somebody who has the expertise show real interest and can give you guidance, this makes for a happy outcome".
J.M. Ball, NY, January 2007

"When I began using June McGroary's services for QuickBooks training, I was relieved to finally found someone with experience as well as knowledge. June is patient, informative and accessible. She helped me tremendously in getting organized and to set the big picture of our business. I would recommend June and her services without hesitation!"
Karen Paolino, Paolino&Associates, CT, January 2007

"June taught me from scratch how to make a PowerPoint presentation. Learning in a one-on-one environment, made it very comfortable and effective. I don't shy away form this application anymore. I highly recommend June and her services".
Bob Meyers, Staffing Consultant, Advantage Human Resourcing, CT, December 2006

"June is definitely in this for more than the money. Her dedication to the teaching profession come through loud and clear during her training sessions. You won't be disappointed".
Steve Hood, President,, California, December 2006

" I was able to learn the skills that I needed at my own pace and in the comfort of my own home. If you have been looking for a way to enhance your computer skills, regardless of your level...look no further. June can help. I highly recommend her!"
Jessica Corridori, Calfornia, October 2006

"I almost pulled out my hair but thought better of it. I called up June to get help. June calmed me down and assessed what my issue was. June actually trained me via NetMeeting on how to fix my Excel problem. The whole process took less than ten minutes. What a Godsend!!"
Mike Lanzaro, BDD,Lanzaro CPA, CT, September 2006

"You were fantastic. You were professional and you definitely stay calm under fire. While showing me how to do a lookup may be simple, I am surprised how you were able to troubleshoot using my spreadsheet".
Celeste Mirassou, CFP, California, July 2006

"I was a PowerPoint-a-phobe before I was trained by June. she took me from avoiding the use of a great tool to being an expert in less than two hours. I needed to create a presentation of a unique process I have in order to show clients how I can help them. The presentation was created, while was being trained, turned out great, has been well received and now I can enhance the presentation with my new found skill--all thanks to June McGroary. Her skill as a teacher/trainer is unmatched".
Paul Haas, owner,
Haas Agency, CT, June 2007